The Theater is a starting area located in Lakeview Cabin Collection.

Areas Edit

There are several areas located in the Theater. Most of them don't have much items as the Theater is a hub level.

Outside Edit

Outside Theater

Outside of the theater is the default starting area, and contains several houses with locked doors. This is also the beginning area when players start Lakeview Cabin Collection.

Two of the four survivors of the level start here. The player can peek through the houses but cannot enter most of them. One survivor starts with an empty Shotgun.

Locked House

There is a locked house in the level that is inaccessible to any character, as there is no key to access the area.

The house consists of a hanged man and a blood red writing saying "The Sewers Scream at Me". There are also some discarded boxes in the house.

This is the only peekable room outside of the Theater.

Theater Edit


Inside there are 5 doors. One is unlabeled. Other ones are Lakeview Cabin 3, 4, 5 & 6.

Unlabeled door can be opened by simply typing in "open". This will lead to a new movie. Is might be Lakeview Cabin tho the name is not displayed.

One survivor carries a Flashlight.

This is the central hub of the game. The rightmost area leads straight to the Bathroom.


The bathroom leads in to two areas, the female and male lavatories. The females are on the left while the males are on the right.

The male's lavatory contains three stalls, one opened and two closed. All Toilets are usable.

The female's lavatory also contains three stalls, although one opened stall is in disrepair and has a variety of dirt and poop surrounding it. Above the ruined toilet, there is a cobweb with a Shotgun Shell. There is also a Toolbox that contains a Plunger and a Wrench.

The broken toilet can be repaired with the plunger, where it will be usable once more. Using this toilet causes the shell from the cobweb to drop.


This is an area that can only be reached by using the wrench found in the toolbox of the woman's lavatory. The area is always pitch-black and contains the hub level's hidden killer.

This area is also very long, with green sludge dripping midway and meat hanging in the sewer system.