Enterance Edit

To play Lakieview Cabin II you have to:

  1. Start the game :-)
  2. Go to the main hall in the theater.
  3. Type in "OPEN"
  4. Press up arrow on the unlabeled door... (B on controller)
  5. Congrats. Lakeview Cabin II is now ON!!!

Plot Edit


We play as an Unknown character. If we go right we will see a women very similiar to siren. She will be throwing an key into the lake. After jumping into the lake we will have a vision of a man underwater. If we walk a bit a giant eye will appear. Very similiar to one in Lakieview Cabin V. After a couple of visions including the pregnant lady from Lakeview Cabin III getting pregnant and how the grave from LC V was "created" we come to see character and the women sitting to each other after many many years. Now in one of the houses is an axe. Player can and even more is forced to kill the women (it is the only way to progress) with the axe. Player have to jump into the water and then kill children that appeared out of nowhere. After doing that screen will go black for a while.

It will come back with a starting screen. It will vanish and on it's place a weird thing will appear. A VHS player. It will open revealing super high-quality lakeview cabin VHS tape. Game will crash soon after it appears.