Killers are the antagonists and malevolent forces haunting the survivors in each map.

Appearances Edit

Killers are usually humanoid, but display several horror movie type physiques. Not all killers are humanoid, and most of them aren't even human to begin with.

Each map may have more than one killer. The player's task is to survive the onslaught or kill all the killers in the map.

Damage Edit

Most killers are extremely resilient, and will have damage resistances far beyond normal survivors. Some killers, however, are human, and will have similar health to the survivors.

A killer's movement speed varies. Most of them are slow, allowing healthy survivors to outrun them. Others are fast, impossible to outrun.

Whatever their resistance or speed, all killers display a high amount of damage dealing. They are the only people capable of attacking unarmed, and are able to kill someone through such means.

Strategies Edit

The objective of each map is usually to eliminate the killers. Killers usually have several exploitable weaknesses. Either they are slow, or have a certain item that can stop them.

Sometimes, clues in the map can lead to this solution. Ideally, each killer can usually be defeated in under one minute if the conditions for doing so are met.

List of Killers Edit

Each map has its own killer(s).

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